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4-Time Pro Bowler on Raiders OL Jackson Powers-Johnson: “Carries Himself Like A Bad A**”

Mon May 05, 2024, 7:12pm

Many people are hailing the Las Vegas Raiders‘ selection with the 44th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft as a steal. A four-time Pro Bowler with whom Raider Nation is highly familiar concurs.

Jackson Powers-Johnson, an Oregon product, is a mauler—an offensive lineman who has fans recalling the glory days of Art Shell and Gene Upshaw, players who dominated in the trenches. While he’s yet to play an NFL snap, at least one former Raiders player likes what he sees.

Richie Incognito made his presence known in his short time with the Raiders. Incognito, a starting left guard during the team’s final season in Oakland, was a stalwart for then-head coach Jon Gruden. Unfortunately, wear and tear eventually caught up with him the following year, limiting him to just two games in 2020. Despite the short run, Raider Nation holds him in high regard, so his opinion holds water.

In case you missed it, back on May 22, Incognito spoke with ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez, a longtime Raiders beat writer. A man who speaks his mind, Incognito, has praised JPJ’s talent and natural talent thus far.

“He has good footwork. He works in the guys’ bodies, and he knows how to lift defenders off the line of scrimmage. Great kid, athletic kid, hard worker, and I really think the zone game that they’ll run next year will fit his skill set.”

Is Raiders OL Jackson Powers-Johnson the next Richie Incognito?

When people think of Incognito, they recall his aggressive style, mauler mentality, and on-the-field attitude. For Powers-Johnson, the comparison is an apt one, as he played with the same tenacity as Oregon.

“You watch it on film; [Powers-Johnson is] out there. He has bad intentions. He wants to put people on the ground.”

Incognito also went on to mention that he believes Powers-Johnson will eventually become an anchor for the Raiders. When you consider his draft position, and if he fulfills his potential, Powers-Johnson could end up becoming one of the biggest steals in this year’s draft.

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