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Chargers Social Media Team Thought They Were Slick

Wed Jul 07, 2024, 1:18am

The social media team for the Las Vegas Chargers thought they had slipped by Davante Adams’ radar; the Las Vegas Raiders wideout says otherwise. In fact, he called them out for their disrespect.

Now, let’s clear something up first. When we say the social media team, we’re referring to the group of individuals that release digital content for the schedule release, among other duties. If you weren’t too familiar with them, they’ve often received praise for their creative use of digital art to taunt individuals—trash talk among foes, if you will. However, the All-Pro wide receiver didn’t think it was too amusing when he was their butt of jokes this offseason.

During his appearance on FanDuel TV’s Up and Adams show this week, Adams recalled his inclusion on the Chargers’ social media platform. In particular, when they likened Adams to a Pop Tart—the flavor being “garbage-flavored,” yes, they did that.


— Los Angeles Chargers (@chargers) May 15, 2024

Adams stated that at the time of the posting, he contemplated responding to the Chargers’ social media people. Instead, he went the other way. As we all know, the man does his talking on the field. He does that well. According to statistics, Adams has dominated the Chargers lately. No. 17 has recorded 494 receiving yards and four touchdowns in their last four meetings. Perhaps you could target a player who hasn’t been dominating your secondary?

One thing to note is that Adams is fully aware that none of this is on the Chargers’ players.

“I just kind of wanted to remind them what they’ve been going through as it pertains to playing against me. Hopefully the people that made that post, because it’s not the players’ fault. They didn’t have anything to do with the post. This is directed strictly toward the Chargers’ social media page: please keep my name out your mouth.”

Perhaps Adams is being a tad sensitive here. Or, maybe he’s onto something, as the Chargers were quick to fire right back. The team’s social media may be writing checks that their squad might not be able to cash once it’s time to put on the pads.

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