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Former Raiders RB Josh Jacobs Doesn’t Miss A Chance To Put Down Old Team

Sun Jul 07, 2024, 8:14pm

All-Pro Josh Jacobs continues to make the rounds this offseason, rarely missing an opportunity to take subtle jabs at the Las Vegas Raiders.

Now, let’s get something straight before proceeding. Media personalities, podcast hosts, etc.—they all know Jacobs will be honest when talking about his exit from Sin City. Word will make its way around and so on and so forth; that’s just the news business. Still, here we are—Jacobs is now in Green Bay, and while most Raiders fans have moved on, this is the story that keeps on giving.

Josh Jacobs wasn’t a fan of the “instability” within the Raiders

There are two sides to the story: Jacobs and general manager Tom Telesco. The latter is busy prepping his team, running the organization’s front office, and scouting. Jacobs, for his part, is enjoying down time prior to training camp. While recently appearing on the NFL Network, the 2022 league-leading rusher (1,653 yards) spoke up about what he felt was a lack of stability.

“I would say one of the main reasons was just the certainty of what I’m going to get. There’s already a lot of structure. There’s already a lot of stuff in place. Having another new head coach over there, my fourth head coach while I was there, I never felt like there was any stability.”

Naturally, most Raiders fans will groan when it comes to a former player putting down the Silver and Black. It happens. Conversely, Jacobs isn’t technically wrong. Just when things were stabilizing under former head coach Jon Gruden, the circumstances unraveled. To Rish Bisaccia’s credit, he helped salvage that year’s campaign. Despite this, Jacobs then went on to play for Josh McDaniels. He was a coach who initially appeared determined to dismiss him—who remembers witnessing Jacobs play in the league’s preseason opener?

As we now know, Telesco allowed Jacobs to walk. The former Alabama product did what he had to do; after all, this is a business. The Raiders have opted to go with Zamir White and Alexander Mattison as their one-two punch. For their part, Telesco and the Raiders are focused on this season. Jacobs, on the other hand, never misses a chance to take a shot here and there.

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