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Rejoice Raider Nation, The Raiders Ruined Christmas For Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift

Sun Jun 06, 2024, 8:14pm

While recently appearing on “Bussin’ With The Boys,” Kansas Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce candidly admitted that Antonio Pierce and the Las Vegas Raiders ruined Christmas for him and his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

In case you didn’t know, there’s no love lost between Kelce, Raiders fans, Swifties, and so on and so forth. It’s unquestionably a fierce rivalry in the AFC West. Following the Christmas loss to the Raiders, Kelce opted to make the loss about his team. Rather than give the Silver and Black any credit, Kelce went the other way. He outright said that his squad “gifted” Las Vegas their win. “We handed that team a victory on Christmas. We literally played Santa and gave them a present,” said Kelce a couple of days after the game.

To everyone’s surprise, Kelce recently changed his tune a little bit while chopping it up with the boys.

“We got our a** beat by the f****** Raiders on Christmas. F****** ruined Christmas, motherf******.” He had those dudes ready to brawl out there on the field. One hundred percent man. And I love that s***. I was like, man if we play with that kind of edge, or that kind of toughness, that kind of like don’t f*** with us mentality, we won’t be stopped.”

Antonio Pierce had his Raiders ready on Christmas…

Referring to Pierce’s galvanizing ability to round up the team and focus, it certainly speaks volumes to hear Kelce acknowledge the Raiders coach. Once Pierce took over following Josh McDaniels’ exit, the Raiders took on the identity of their coach and never looked back. The image of Jack Jones intercepting Patrick Mahomes while starting him down and taking it to the house will live on in the rivalry’s lore long after all these players are retired.

As far as Taylor Swift is concerned, most would agree that the NFL has run with the couple—they’ve fully capitalized on their public relationship. Who can forget when the league’s official Twitter/X account proudly featured her? She also received consistent camera attention during the Super Bowl in February.

Hey, at least the Raiders can take a little bit of joy in knowing they spoiled the holiday for those two. It’s all about fun and competition, after all. Right?

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